Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most common questions our users are asking. If you have one that we don’t answer, make sure and let us know by email. And remember if you are new to Bitcoin you can always read our Bitcoin Help here.

What is BitMoby?

BitMoby is a way to buy prepaid mobile phone credit (prepaid airtime or mobile top-up) using Bitcoin. You can buy mobile credit for most mobile networks around the world.

Are there any fees for using BitMoby?

No. There are no fees for using BitMoby. You send us Bitcoin and we send you mobile phone credit for the same amount.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Digital currencies move money over the internet, allowing users to buy or sell them for fiat currencies via exchanges. The price of digital currencies is determined by market demand, and is not dictated by any central bank or government. The issuance of digital currencies is math-based, controlled by an algorithm that prevents inflation.

How do I get Bitcoins to pay BitMoby?

You can purchase Bitcoins from a Bitcoin exchange such as Bitstamp, or on a peer-to-peer marketplace such as LocalBitcoins. To use Bitstamp, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your passport and proof of residence (i.e. a utility bill). For more information, visit our Bitcoin Help.

Is there any limit to how much prepaid mobile phone credit I can buy?

No. You can buy as much prepaid mobile credit as you like.

How long should it take to receive the credit?

The as soon as we receive your Bitcoin, you should receive the mobile phone credit. This usually takes a few minutes. You should receive an email advising you when the credit has been applied plus the mobile phone should also receive an SMS

How will I know the credit has been applied?

You should receive an SMS once credit has been applied to your prepaid mobile phone account.

What is my mobile network is not supported?

BitMoby is working to connect all mobile networks in the world. If your mobile network is not supported, please send us an email with the details.

Can I buy prepaid mobile credit for someone else?

Yes. You can buy prepaid mobile phone credit for any mobile phone number, even someone else’s.

Can I cancel a transaction?

Unfortunately, once you have sent us a Bitcoin payment, it cannot be reversed.


Some countries apply VAT or GST to top-up purchases. Where applicable, we are also required to apply this to top-up transactions from BitMoby. This may mean that the top-up amount you receive in your local currency may be less than the face value amount that you purchase from BitMoby.

How do I contact BitMoby?

For customer service support, email us here.